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FTP Server

Kindly use an FTP software like tel que filezilla (free) You will need the following information to log in:
- Address :
- User: docupload
- Password : [empty]


docnroll is your partner for all your translations. Experience and know-how at the service of your documents and their lifecycles.


How do I get a price ?

The "3 steps to get started " feature is a simple way of finding out the cost of a project in only 2 steps. If you accaept the quote we will send you your document translated in the third phase.

- Step 1 : Fill in our online form and simply drag the document you want to get translated and drop it into our FTP box. No matter if you have more than one document to get translated : just drag them the same way into our FTP box.

- Step 2 : We will mail you a quote in the shortest possible time. If you accept, the document will be translated by a native speaking translator.

- Step 3 : We will mail you back your document (s) translated, to meet your specified deadline.

You can access this online form from all the pages of the site simply clicking the “3 steps to get started” button.

Alternatively consult our Standard Rates section in which you will find information provided as a guide. You will get all the information you need to be a privileged customer entering the docnroll first class translation. You can buy upfront our docnroll translation vouchers and then get into the docnroll first class translation : discover our bronze, Silver and Gold rates.

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What is a proofread ?

A proofread is a review by a second translator to ensure the context of the original text has been fully understood and translated accurately. A proofread is particularly important for business translation as there is usually more than one way to say the same thing and the second translator can ensure the appropriate tone of voice has been adopted and conventions followed.

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How do you charge and what are your rates ?

Pricing is based on the number of words in the source document and varies depending on the deadline, project size, subject matter (technical, IT...), language pair, and format (.doc, .pdf, .html, editing graphics, etc.). Discounts are offered for repetitions. The price excludes any post translation formatting. We will advise you if there are any additional charges for you to approve. Discover our translation vouchers buying them upfront : your fidelity will be rewarded with money : the more you buy the less you pay and you will get priority access over delivery time.

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Documents& files

How does the FTP work ?

Once you have filled in our online form, simply drag the document you want to get translated and drop it into our FTP box. No matter if you have more than one document to get translated : just drag them the same way into our FTP box.

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How do I retrieve translated documents ?

When your translation(s) are ready you will receive an email with a link to a page were you will be able to download your documents. You will just have to drag the document (s) from our FTP box and drop it/them into the folder you want it/them to be. If you prefer to receive your documents as an email attachment, just let docnroll know.

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Which document types can be processed through docnrollTM ?

The document you submit must be saved in a format that docnrollTM can process.
The following document types can be processed through docnrollTM:
- Microsoft Word Documents: .doc / .rtf
- HTML Documents: .html / .htm / .jsp / .asp / .in
- SGML Documents: .sgml / .sgm
- XML and XLIFF Documents: .xml / .xsl / .xlf
- Tradostag Documents: .ttx
- In Design Tagged : .txt / .isc - Ventura Tagged : : .txt
- Microsoft Excel : .xls / .xlt - Microsoft Power Point : .ppt / .pps / .pot
- Fichiers RC : .rc / .dlg
- Generic Delimited Documents : .csv / .cat
- Fichiers Open Office : .odt / .ods / .odp / .sxw / .sxc
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Translation process

Where do your translators come from? What qualifications do they hold ?

Our translators come from all over the world. We only let translators translate into their "mother tongue" - i.e. If they are from Spain they can translate from English to Spanish but not the other way. All our translators have a professionally recognised qualification in a translation related subject and are usually specialists in other fields as well.

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Quelles sont les langues que vous pratiquez ?

docnroll™ vous offre une large gamme de services de traduction professionnelle et spécialisée principalement dans les langues suivantes : espagnol, anglais et français.

Néanmoins, en tant que membre de plusieurs associations de traducteurs docnroll™ peut tout à fait vous fournir une solution pour presque toutes les combinaisons linguistiques.

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How can we pay for the translation services ?

Payment may be made by wire transfer or check. Orders over €200 require a 30% deposit.

- Payment for new customers : 50% of the payment shall be made upon the date of order and 50% upon the delivery date of the translation and invoice.

- Payment for existing customers : payment shall be made whithin 30 days from the date of invoice. This condition has to be previously agreed between the existing customers and docnroll. All payments shall be made whithout deduction or set off of bank charges.

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How does your purchase orders process work ?

Orders can be made by e-mail, or standard mail. If orders are made by e-mail they have to be sent as an attachment (orders having been previously digitized). Orders must be confirmed in writing (standard mail) within 3 days if the order is placed by e-mail (without an attachment) or phone, unless payment is received in full before delivery.

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Will you be sending me an invoice ?

We will send you an invoice shortly after completion of the project or at agreed stages if the project is ongoing.

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Is there a contact person who can answer my questions ?

Yes. The best way for you to get the translation you need, and for us to ensure you get a quality service all the time, is to talk to each other. Please see our Contact page for all relevant contact information.

We also have a call back service, so please send us your phone number and we will call you back.

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I would like to promote the services of docnroll on my website. Do you have an affiliate program ?

Yes. Our Affiliate Program allows you to earn extra revenue by promoting docnrollTM on your website. Up-to-the-minute reporting is available so you can see how much revenue you have generated. If you are interested in this program please tell us so that we get back to you.

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What’s the relationship between docnroll-translation and docnroll-export ?

docnrollTM gives you more services as it partners with that promotes the services for companies that want to build more business inside and outside their borders.

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How can we benefit from the synergies between docnroll-translation and docnroll-export ?

As a member of you will benefit from a voucher valid during 6 months that you will be able to use on every services you will carry out with Request your voucher.outside their borders.

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I did not receive a confirmation message telling me that the form I submitted on the "Individual QUOTE" page was successful. What should I do ?

The server may be experiencing difficulties. Please copy the text into an e-mail, fill in the necessary information, and include your document as an e-mail attachment.

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