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Wednesday 24 April 2024


02.04.2022 See you in 2024 on docnroll’s new website! After 15 years of dedicated service, docnroll ha...
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28.02.2022 Thanks to all our partners based in Ukraine docnroll thanks very much all its partners based...
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22.02.2022 docnroll signs partnership with Automation company One of the leading companies from the Automation...
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docnroll is your partner for all your translations. Experience and know-how at the service of your documents and their lifecycles.

Step by step translation methodology

To maintain a superior quality of service, our methodology works in different phases :

Phase 1 - Preparation
Phase 2 - Translation phase
Phase 3 - Proofreading
Phase 4 - Delivery
Phase 5 - Following up your Translation Memory

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docnroll™ CAhT tool's approach

Using Trados, the leading CAT tool of the translation industry, docnroll™ can accelerate delivery, reduce costs and increase the quality of multilingual content for the global market.

Reusing previous translations docnroll™ increases the speed and efficiency of its translation process and the quality of the translations that it produces.

The association of Trados, as a CAT tool, and of the docnroll™ team, as human beings, will give you the best of the Computer Assisted Human Translation (CAhT) that you can imagine.

Thanks to the docnroll™ CahT's approach you will get a very quick return on your investment as we will pass on cost-savings to you.

Customer Service

Following up your Translation Memory : phase 5 of our translation methodology. docnroll™ will update all your contents.

docnroll™ for life ! - Don't let a language barrier get in the way of your ambitions!

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